Monday, 9 September 2019

Taking Stock: September 2019 Edition

Greetings and salutations, spectacular creatures! I trust life is treating you well. So here we are in September! Astonishing really, since it was January yesterday. WASN'T IT???! Just me? 

Anyway, I figured it's a perfect time for a stock take! So on with the show...

Making: Toast. Tea. A million dollars. Okay, I made up the last one. But if I manifest my desires the universe will provide it, right? Snorts. 

Drinking:  One of those fantazamagorical (totally a word) cocktails with a fun little umbrella. Manifesting again! Really drinking tea. Sigh. 

Reading: Recently I have read:

 The Truths And Triumphs of Grace Atherton by Anstey Harris.

The Flat Share by Beth O'Leary

I Thought I Knew You by Penny Hancock

The Trauma Cleaner by Sarah someone or other. And many more. We could be here for days...

Have also been listening to numerous audio books. I still prefer paper books for fiction but listening is good for non-fiction.

Wanting: A shoulder massage would be nice. 

Looking:  At old houses, mostly in America, on this Facebook page, for no reason whatsoever. Well, I suppose I need a plan in place, in case I should ever decide to change my identity and disappear forever. An old creaky house in Maine or somewhere should suffice. Yep, definitely been reading too many novels again...

Deciding: Whether I'd like the million dollars (see above) in full or installments. However the universe in all its abundance decides I guess. Just hurry up, universe. Hmph. 

Wishing: That shitty shit wouldn't happen to good people. 

Enjoying:  The arrival of spring and its enchanting sunshine of the last few days. Of course I'll still moan like a b$#ch when summer hits. That's just how I roll. 

Waiting: For the universe to get its act together. I'm terrified over here. 

Image result for you attract what you fear meme

Liking: I'll tell you one thing for nothing: I've been getting up early and exercising. And I like it! I mean, not nearly as much as I like cake, but still. 

Wondering: About TAFE assessments. I have two to complete and another submitted. The latter one is concerning because I have a hideous sinking feeling I may not have passed. Stay tuned. Sigh.

Loving:  The simple things like patting Cookie dog and cups of tea.

And this rather spectacular thing: my tit crushing results were all clear. Woo hoo! 

Listening: To Dateline on the telly and YouTuber Sheldon Tweedy (Mickey Blue Eyes is a fan, something to do with soccer or whatever, don't ask me) Cause yeah, it's important to have an informative current affairs programme on to ignore while you faff about on the internet. Works for us. 

Considering:  Options for my eventual work placement for TAFE. I can choose a type of library. It's exciting! Shut up. I do get out. Usually to the library. Details. 

Buying:  I would be buying that old house in Maine (back up plan), plus a new one in Sydney, if the universe stepped up. So rude. 

Meanwhile, groceries from Aldi it is!

Watching: The Downton Abbey movie. Well, I will be on Saturday. Squeeeeeeeeee! 

Marveling: At life, the universe and everything. By everything I mean that million dollars I'm still waiting for... Waiting, waiting waiting... 

Hoping: I'm wrong about the failed assessment. Gulp.

Needing: Definitely need a neck massage. In addition to the shoulder massage I mentioned before. Also need a word with the genius who coined this whole manifesting palaver. It's almost like it's made up bollocks or something.

Questioning: So many questions. What to have for dinner? Why do so many young women  have terrifying eyebrows? Will I fail the afore mentioned assessment? Why doesn't this manifesting bollocks work? WHY???

Smelling: Roast chooken and choc chip cookies. I've been cooking like a ninja.

Wearing: An attractive array of garments. Currently they consist of : pyjama pants, an old jumper, a fluffy cardigan over it, and a foolish expression. Nice.

Noticing: I couldn't help noticing that Cadbury blocks were $3.50 in our local IGA supermarket the other day. Foolishly I bought one. Should have bought half a dozen. DOH. 

Knowing:  Knowing when to leave may be the smartest thing that anyone can learn! Flyyyyy...

Ahem. Sorry. Carpenters/Bacharach song. You probs don't know it...

Shoulda went with ABBA instead: Knowing Me, Knowing You! Ahaaaaaa...

Thinking:  If I really think about it, I'm sure I'll think of something for Thinking. Hmmmm. I don't think so. 

Admiring: My children. I made gorgeous humans.

Getting: Up early. But I already mentioned that. And now that I've been all smug and superior watch me slip back into slothfulness. Serves me right, really.

Opening: Books, handouts, websites, documents and databases related to my studies. It's all happening.

Closing: Facebook. Sometimes. Shut up. I do!

Feeling: Apprehensive about that assessment. Delighted about the mammogram. Also: hungry. What else is new?

Embracing:  Early mornings. I know. I need to shut up about that. So I will...


And considering it's September right after January I may as well take this opportunity to wish you a happy Christmas and a merry New Year! I'm afraid to blink cause then it'll be 2020...

Okay, I'm off to find some toothpicks to lodge in my eyelids.

Until next time, stay spectacular!

Saturday, 29 June 2019

Book Fetish, Miracle Baby Turns 18 & Other Bits & Pieces

Good evening to you! Or morning, or afternoon, depending upon where and when you're reading this. Figured I'd check in to my lonely little blog. Because what else am I gonna do on a Saturday night? Go out. Meet people. Socialise, you say? Bahahahahahahaha.  NO.

In my defence, my Friday night was COMPLETELY WILD AND CRAZY. It was spent on the couch buried in blankets, reserving library books online. This was despite the fact that I already currently have 17 items on loan. See? Crazy shit, huh? Not so wild as it turns out. But definitely crazy. So there's that. Shut up.

I'm with you, Steve!

In other news, I'm one week in to a four week break from TAFE. Semester One, DONE! Semester Two begins July 23. Eventually I will officially be some sort of Library Technician-y thing, just like I was in the olden days (early 1990s - totally prehistoric), but, you know, different. Cause apparently they do more than just put books on shelves and things these days. Probably just as well. I may have a book fetish. See above. Ahem.

Anyway, what else can I tell you? Oh yeah, I'm still going gangbusters in my volunteer role at Vinnies. I have no idea whatsoever what 'gangbusters' really means but it sounds impressive, so let's just go with it.

Yesterday, all the phones and computers were down due to a power outage the day before. This meant we couldn't take any calls (duh!) so the other admin lady and I read magazines and copied recipes we'll likely never cook. Until the mobile phone they'd diverted calls to actually worked and then I had to answer it and speak to a person in need. Rude.

No seriously, I'd rather have stuff to DO. There was a bunch of groceries delivered and I helped unpack them. Then there was a bunch of toiletries donated from a church. Some of the hand wash bottles were not screwed tightly and had leaked. The overwhelming intermingling and clashing scents gave me a throbbing headache. Sometimes I forget I'm autistic and have sensory issues. Luckily I had some extra strength paracetamol in my bag and managed to nip it in the bud quickly.

When I finished for the day there was a bunch of food trucks setting up for the night markets, but I resisted all the churros and other treats on offer because clearly I'm broke a health fanatic. I wandered into Westpoint to get a few groceries instead.

In keeping with the health fanatic thing, a bbq chook and hot  chips were bought for dinner. In keeping with my fetish, Mickey Blue Eyes picked me up in the library car park... Just kidding! I mean yes, he did pick me up there, but not because of my fetish.  It's actually easier to do this because the parking at Westpoint is farked due to ongoing work fixing structural damage. Supposedly it's going to be resolved soon-ish. Fingers crossed.

In approximately 11 days I will officially be the mother of an adult son. Mr 17 turns 18! He was my so-called 'miracle baby' 18 years ago. Long story. Read about it here and here if you're interested.

He decided he didn't want a party but he wants to go to a buffet and feast on all the things. As you can see, I've totally instilled the health fanatic thing into him. But it's a wise decision. He's soooooo skinny. He may as well enjoy the illusion of being able to eat until you burst and remain svelte while it lasts. I believe I too was skinny once, a very long time ago. Well, perhaps not quite THAT skinny, but reasonably so. Sigh.

On that note, I know I need to do something about my weight but I'm so stuck for a number of reasons:

  1. I like cake.
  2. I've tried various things over the years: groups at the women's health centre, the Get Healthy service thing-y where some one rings you to discuss being healthier, a dietitian, exercise addiction (worked when I was at least 15 - 20 years younger and not menopausal), and, of course, good old Weight Witches (worked really well...until it didn't...)
  3. I like chocolate.
  4. Each time I did Weight Witches I ended up fatter in the long term. See above. So clearly the whole 'diets make you fat' theory definitely...erm...holds some weight for me...  (Terrible puns FTW!)
  5. I like FOOD.

I generally don't talk about this shit because there's nothing more boring and super annoying than someone complaining they're fat then shoveling cake in their gob. Plus I see people in my volunteer role who don't even have basic food and I feel pathetic cause I'm basically whingeing that I have too much food. Seriously?! So I'll shut up about it now. 😥

At least I know the Mother Of The Decade Award is still mine. Managed to forget Mr 10 had an excursion on Wednesday. Consequently he missed the bus and stayed home. He was thrilled. Winning!

And now for the breathless anticipation that arrives at this time of the year. Nope, I'm not one of those lunatics who starts counting how many days until Christmas mid year. You know who you are. STOP IT.

My breathless anticipation revolves around having my tits crushed. It's time. Soon. I'm reasonably confident that all is good, but still. The FEAR. It'll be four years this year. So yeah, keep everything crossed for me!

I'm sure I could go rambling on forever but I better not. It's weird how I think I have nothing to report but then I get started and waffle on about everything and nothing. You're welcome.

OK, I better tackle those library books!  So I can borrow MORE. Look, it's a harmless fetish. You're just jealous! Sniff.

Over and out!

What's happening in your world? Do you have a (G-rated!) fetish?

Monday, 6 May 2019

Taking Stock: May 2019 Edition

Making: Brownies. Which means I get to eat them. YUM!

Drinking:  A billionty cups of tea. Followed by several zillion more.

Reading: Recently I have read:

Friend Request by Laura Marshall
Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell
The Break Down by BA Paris
Are You There God, It's Me Margaret by Judy Blume

Yes, I'm waaaay behind the times with some of those books but who cares.

Meanwhile I've just started reading Atomic Habits by James Clear for a bit of a non-fiction self-help switcheroo. Gotta mix things up sometimes.

Wanting: A cup of tea. Because the billionty plus a zillion I've already had are not nearly enough.

Looking: At the laptop screen. What else? I'm such a smart arse.

Deciding: Whether to take off to Europe or the States or just say screw it and do a complete world trip? The fact that this trip would be entirely imaginary is COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT.

Wishing: That I didn't just make up the deciding thing. See above. Sigh.

Enjoying:  Brownies. And the weather hasn't been too bad lately. Well, it took a turn to cold and grey yesterday afternoon but generally it's been quite pleasant.

Waiting: For someone to make me a cup of tea. One of those magical tea making fairies. Hurry up, Mickey Blue Eyes Tea Fairy!

Liking: That I seem to be getting into exercise again. But I better shut up or I'll jinx it...

Wondering: About assessments again. Seem to finish one and BOOM there's another. I guess that's something called The Real World. Where there are things to do and no magical Tea Fairies. Shame.

Loving:  I loved the Easter break. We went to the Easter Show and caught up with friends and family. It was great. The simple things in life FTW!

Listening: To myself tapping on the keyboard.

Considering: Getting up and making my own cup of tea. I'm very sorry it's come to this. Unacceptable. HMPH.

Buying:  Scripts and socks and so many exciting things. Those things are called groceries. OK, so they're not exciting. What do you want from me?!

Watching: I was excited to see that season two of The Letdown is coming back on ABC at the end of the month. I'll definitely be watching that. Meanwhile, I've got a few DVD's I've borrowed from the library. This is what sad sacks who don't have Netflix, Stan, Fetch, Foxtel or any other streaming service I've never heard of do. Such a tragic life I lead. Can you hear the violin music?

Marveling: At the fact that it's May. Wasn't it just Christmas?

Hoping: I pass my assessments. This still stands from the last stock take.

Needing: A magical Tea Fairy. I already told you.

Questioning: What the future holds...before bringing myself back to the present. You know, mindfulness and all that stuff. I need to remind myself of this mindfulness thing all the time.

Smelling: Dinner (pork chops and fried rice). Also; brownies. Because health fanatics. Clearly.

Wearing: Many layers of whatever fits. Works for me.

Noticing: I exercise yet am still HUGE. Apparently you have to eat less as well. Particularly things like pork chops with fried rice followed by brownies. Oops.

Knowing:  I'll never get that cup of tea unless I make it myself. Dammit.

Thinking: About assessments and shopping and all the things I have to do.

Admiring: My dog. She's kinda cute even though she's old. They say dogs are like their owners...

Getting: Fitter from exercising! Or is that fatter from eating brownies...

Opening: My mind to possibilities. Or something.

Closing: The window. It's cold!

Feeling: Cold but contented.

Embracing:  Mindfulness and exercise each day.

And just like that, another stock take (and almost half of 2019) is completed!

I'm off to make my own cup of tea since no magical Tea Fairies have appeared. Shocking, really.

Until next time, stay groovy!

Monday, 15 April 2019

Sharing Snaps

Greetings and salutations! I'm baaaaaack!

OK, I never actually went anywhere. Whatever. I've just been knee deep in Tafe assessments. Or 'Taff' as Mickey Blue Eyes says. It's just a thing he does. Mispronounces words. Apparently vegans are veg-ins. If you know what I mean. But that's just me going off on a tangent. As usual. That's the thing I do. Where was I?

Oh, yes. Assessments. I had to do one which involved creating a digital collection then recording the meta data for the images as if you're creating an important library collection. Nice.

So when I saw that this week's Life This Week prompt is Share Your Snaps, I figured I may as well pop in and do so. Even though they're mostly ancient type snaps. Some of them are from our wedding and a holiday back the 90s. Yep, definitely ancient. Can you believe the 1990s will be 20 years ago next year?! I'm doing that tangent thing again, aren't I? Oops.

The digital collection included 10 scanned photos and 10 digital born photos. Then there had to be a few different themes or subjects. Mine was Wedding, Holiday, Dresses & Parks. Here they are all ad hoc, cause I'm not creating an important library record here. I'm just rambling on. Cause I can. So ner.


Father and son, Blue Mountains, NSW

Blue Mountains, NSW

More mountains.

A lookout over the Nepean River. Don't ask me the name.
I forgot. Oops.

Jellybean Pool, Blue Mountains, NSW

Mind the gap.


And now for my frocks. Basically I just wanted to say the word frocks. It's not a proper library subject heading, so I couldn't use it for my meta data. Which is rude. Frightfully so. On with the frocks...

The exquisite creation I wore to my year 12
formal. Big bows FTW!

Isn't it just GORGEOUS? 😍

I wore this to my year 10 formal with lacy
stockings and fingerless gloves a la Madonna.
Well, it was 1986...

Silver stunner. Another 80s number.


Perth, WA circa 1996

Fremantle, WA.  I'm wearing  a very attractive hat.

The Pinnacles, WA

Wave Rock, WA

Me near a cave in 1996. Probably the last
time I've been near a cave...


We scrubbed up alright in those days.


I love the leaded glass church windows
in this one.

One of my favourite wedding snaps, even though it's
just random.

Mick loves to say "Take it easy" so this pose seemed

With our parents.

That completes my snaps.  Thank you for scrolling. Auto correct says scowling, but I won't thank you for that.

In other news, it's school holidays here at the moment, this week and next. Tomorrow we're off to the Easter Show. Later in the week we'll be catching up with some friends. Also, I have yet another assessment to work on. It's a presentation I have to give, and I still haven't even decided on a topic! I'm over thinking it instead of making a decision. That's the thing I do. Over thinking and tangents. See? I've gone on a tangent about over thinking....

I'm outta here.

Do you have any snaps to share?

Monday, 4 March 2019

Taking Stock: March 2019 Edition

Hello again, groovers and shakers! Yep, I'm still alive and kicking. Well, alive anyway. I don't really kick anything. That's far too energetic for me. Alive and sitting, shall we say? Sounds good to me. I do miss my little ramblings here, so I figured why not check in with another stock take? And I did. Here it is:

Making: I don't really make things, unless you count the three humans I made. And I'm well and truly done with all that. Oh yeah, I DO occasionally make those humans dinner. So that's something. Though I've also discovered that if you wait long enough everyone will just eat cereal instead. Scientific fact, apparently. Genius.

Drinking: Not enough. Related: I would love a drink right now. I'm talking booze, not tea. Side note: as I type this it's Saturday afternoon, in case you are reading this on Monday morning concerned that I have a problem.

Reading: I just finished reading a novel called Elizabeth Is Missing by Emma Healey. I enjoyed it. I still have a huge TBR pile. In fact, if you ever hear any news reports of a woman being buried alive by all her waiting to be read books, there's a good chance it's me. But what a way to go.

Wanting: The previously mentioned alcoholic beverage. I deserve it. Sniff.

Looking: For ideas for assessments (I'm studying for a Diploma of Library & Information Services for those who don't know).

Deciding: See: Looking. On assessment stuff. One of the units/subjects is Maintaining Digital Repositories (every time I say or type that last word I have to remember not to say suppositories - that would be quite a different subject! ). For this subject we need to digitise some photos. Of course, I am the one weirdo who never takes any photos. So yeah, I had better get on it.

Incidentally, how DO people take photos with their phones. I can never see anything outdoors because of the glare. Just me?

For another unit/subject, Training In A Library Environment, we have to give a presentation on a topic of our choice. Decisions, decisions...

Wishing: That cancer was just a zodiac sign. Yeah I've said it before, but seriously. F@$k that cancer shit. Side note: I'm FINE. Still cancer-free! Just in general. Cancer SUCKS.

Enjoying: I'm quite enjoying the diploma thingy. It's challenging, but in a good way. Good stress and all that, as my psychologist says. 

Waiting: For the kettle to boil. Then I wander off to do something else and forget the tea or whatever and start again... And again...

Liking: The weather is quite splendid in my neck of the woods right now. As soon as I say that, the fires of satan will spring forth to incinerate us all again. I'm scared now. NOOOOOOO!

Wondering: What to have for dinner. If I keep wondering it'll be cereal. See above.

Loving:  Being able to sleep when the weather is cooler.

Wishing: Wait, do I get another wish?!

Listening: To SILENCE. It's SUBLIME.  Related: I'm home alone. This does not happen very often. Ahhhhh, the SERENITY. 

Considering: What sentence to type for "Considering." Yeah, I really didn't consider that enough.

Buying: Groceries, and stationery that is needed for Tafe. Cause it's totally all for Tafe. Yep. Absolutely. Ahem. 

Watching: I've been watching The Heights on Iview. Nice little distraction. I like it. Recently I also re-watched the 1995 BBC production of Pride & Prejudice starring Colin Firth. I hadn't watched it in decades and had forgotten how good it was. SO good. 

Marveling: That I'm actually doing this library diploma thingy. True, it's nothing monumental, but it's HUGE for me.

Hoping: I pass my assessments.

Needing: A neck and shoulder massage and a million dollars should suffice.

Questioning: If I'm doing the right thing studying again at my age with no guarantees that it will lead to employment...blah blah blah...

But screw it, I'm doing it anyway!

Smelling: Coconut shower gel.

Wearing: Lots of pants with elastic waists. Not good.

Noticing: I am slowly changing some habits. Not likely to ditch the elastic waisted pants just yet, but you never know...

Knowing: I don't need to know all the answers. Everyone is making it up as they go.

Thinking: About thinking styles and cognitive distortions.

Admiring: Everyone who keeps trying despite their struggles. 

Getting: Older. Which is a good thing.

Opening: Folders and handouts and databases related to studying.

Closing: Facebook. Mainly cause I can't connect to Wi Fi when I'm at Tafe. Details.

Feeling: My moods change often (thank you, menopause), but just now I feel quite contented.

Noticing: That I already covered Noticing. See above.

Embracing:  Study and (GASP) ROUTINES! I know, I don't believe it either!

But, I get up early(ish) and exercise and meditate. I've only missed a couple of days in the last month or two. When I say exercise, it might only be for ten minutes, depending on how much time I have. But anything is better than nothing, right? That's my theory anyway. It's a start. 

So there you have it. Stock take completed!

Stay tuned for another stock take, coming soon to a blog near you! 

Look, I just really don't know how to end things...


The End.

Too abrupt? Oh well. 

Until next time, people. Stay groovy. 

Over and out.

Monday, 14 January 2019

One Word: 2019 Edition

Have you ever heard of the one word or intention for the year thing? Yes? No? Love it? Loathe it? Couldn't care less? Move along then. There's nothing here for you. Unless I can convert you.

You see. I'm a convert. I previously scoffed at such a thing. Seemed like a load of hippy drippy bullocks to me. However, I had an epiphany of sorts. It occurred to me that I was being a sour old cynical negative Nellie. The process is helpful to many, and if it doesn't work out well, no harm done. Besides, I quite like words in general. I like reading them, I like writing them, so why not choose one of them for the year?

Look, clearly I'll never be one of those positive Polly's, but I don't have a cynical b!+$h all the time either.

So with that in mind, I resolved to embrace the concept. The results have been tenuous to say the least.

My word for 2017 was MOVE.  I was hoping to form a strong exercise habit, like I have in the past. However,  I proceeded to take this word as more of a light suggestion. Oops. There was some movement but not quite as much as there could have been.  

For 2018 I decided to address my inner mean girl with some self-compassion. Therefore my word was COMPASSION. Mixed results yet again. I have made some strides in being kinder to myself, however I consider it to be still a work in progress.

I find myself in the interesting quandary or dichotomy of needing to be kinder to myself, yet also needing to require more of myself. See above. Self-compassion and self-care isn't just about eating cake and being indulgent. And...erm... not moving. Dammit.

So yeah, still working on it, as I mentioned. This brings me to the current year.

I mulled over what word to choose for 2019. There are so many frightfully good words.  In the end I decided to keep it simple.  

My word for 2018 is...  drum roll, please (you have to imagine it...):


Basic old love. Here's why:

  • It segues nicely from my 2018 word COMPASSION.
  • I  still need a reminder to be more loving and kinder to myself.
  • I am lucky and blessed to have so much love in my life even when I am not very lovable.
  • Some folk think you cannot be loved until you completely love yourself. I am living proof that's not true. See above. 
  • What the world needs now is love, sweet love. It's the only thing that there's just too little of. OK, that's a Burt Bacharach song, but still. Relevant.
  • Like I said, I love words. I love books. I love my family.  And yes, I DO love cake. Anything wrong with that? 
  • The overriding theme of most Carpenters songs is love.
  • Ditto Montgomery books.
  • I suspect I'm a softie and incurable romantic at heart despite all my surface cynicism. Yeah, I'm not fooling anyone with all that. I know.
  • Love is a groovy thing. It knows how to make you sing. And it fills up your life with sunshine and joy. OK, that's the words to a little known Carpenters song, but again. Relevant. See above.

  • I'm not setting myself up to fail but choosing such a delightful word. And you never know, I may just learn to love moving again anyway. Perhaps not as much as cake, but anything is better than nothing. 
  • I think this process is supposed to be an intention not a just a word.  So celebrating love and being loving to myself and others seems like a pretty good thing to me. 
  • Ultimately this seems like a much more beneficial thing that a new year's resolution, which always seem to be about weight loss. And, if you're like me, always always seem to be to broken. Usually on January 1st. Forgeddaboutit. (Totally a word - maybe that should be my word?!!).

So there you have it. My word and intention for 2019 is all about LURRRRVE.  

And now it's back to some Burt Bacharach to fade out.  Again, you have to imagine it, or clink on the link below. As sung by Dionne Warwick. Because as brilliant a composer as Burt is, he ain't no singer. 

Sing it with me! What the world needs now....!!!

Do you have a word or intention? 

Monday, 7 January 2019

Hello Again

Hello again good people. It is I, the illustrious Ness of Nessville. Who else? It's good to pop in here now and again.

And may I say a very happy new year to you. Look, I know that's a big ask (side note: ASK not ASS). We can't be happy 24/7 for 365 days. However, I do hope that happiness and contentment outweighs all the other stuff this year.

On that note, can you BELIEVE it's 2019? You can? It comes after 2018, that's the way it works, you say. Well yes, I get that. But didn't it come around rather FAST? So fast, I have whiplash. Ouch. I'm sitting here dazed, confused and wondering what happened. So pretty much the same as usual.

Consequently this seems reasonable methinks:

To be perfectly honest, I really have nothing of note to report. I just miss rambling away here. So ramble I will. You're welcome.

Let's begin with a bit of a summary of what's been happening in my world. Always exciting, so strap yourselves in. Or something...

We enjoyed a quiet and relaxing Christmas with family, complete with the obligatory Aussie feast of prawns, ham and pav. Yum.

NYE was spent on the couch with my dog and I regret nothing. NOTHING, I tell you! Mr 14 also opted to stay in while the rest of the brood made a last minute decision to head out to Parramatta Park for the 9pm fireworks. Reportedly they were most excellent.

The neighbours were setting of fireworks here anyway, so I still got a show without leaving my living room. Much to Cookie dog's dismay. She's terrified of fireworks.

Prior to all the end of year festivities I finished a trifling little TAFE course. I am now the proud owner of a piece of paper for IWORK Course in Community
Vocational Engagement and Statement In Vocational Support & Pathways. Whatever that means.

Although the course was very basic, it was a good bunch of people with excellent teacher. Surprisingly, I enjoyed getting out and mixing a bit in small doses. GASP. Who knew?!

According to my former teacher I am an outstanding student and good mentor. I didn't know that either.

This has piqued my interest in further study.  Most likely in the form of a Certificate III in Library & Information Services or Business Administration, pending attendance to one more information session.

Fortunately, I will be able to have support and modifications due to being on the autistic spectrum. Therefore it may take me longer to get there, but get there I will. Wish me luck!

Meanwhile, I've applied for a gazillion jobs, receiving a gazillion politely worded rejection emails in response. They're funny old things, aren't they? "We wish you every success..." Um. Apparently not.

I did have one interview. My first one in YEARS. Even though I wasn't successful, it was an important hurdle for me. Interviews and talking in general are kind of like my kryptonite. So at least I faced my kryptonite and the world didn't end. I'll call that a win anyway.

I put job applications on pause over the the Christmas period but will get back into it presently. And since no one wants to employ me and actually pay me money (yet), I have procured a volunteer role as Administration Support for St.Vincent De Paul Society. I do this every Friday at one of their hubs. I feel like I've mentioned this before, but I'm fond of repeating myself ad nauseam, so meh.

In other news, my boys received excellent school reports for 2018. Mr 10's describing him as 'friendly and outgoing'. I wouldn't be at all certain he's my child except I know I gave birth to him. Meanwhile, Mr 14 is 'quiet and introverted'. We all know what that means. He's totally awesome like his mum.

Mr 17 is now on the home stretch and officially in his HSC year. Hold me. It's all happening.

Sadly there are no trips or travel plans for the Connor clan these holidays, but fingers, toes, arms, legs, eyeballs crossed we'll get there some time this year.

My birthday is coming up next week, so we headed out yesterday for an early celebration of sorts in the form of a pub lunch. Because we're classy like that. This will not deter me from partaking in further cake opportunities when the actual day rolls around. This is me we're talking about, after all. I'm no amateur.

That's about all my rambling for now. Tune in next time when I share my 'one word' for 2019. Yep, I'm jumping on that bandwagon. And no, it's NOT 'cake'. Sniff.

Over and out.

What's been happening in your world?