Sunday, 20 November 2022

Titles are Overrated

Hello, dear creatures! I hope you are well and living your best life wherever and however that may be. 

Apparently, it's been a whole year or so since I posted here! Where does the time go?! Honestly, I've just been lazy lazy lazy busy busy busy and haven't bothered with this blogging thingymajig. Yep. You guessed it. There's been nonstop action, excitement and jaw dropping escapades of adventure and intrigue demanding my attention. The year has whittled by in a whirlwind of exhilarating activities and life changing achievements the likes of which have never been seen before and likely will never be seen again. Or something.

It is totally not exaggerating to say that our lives here in ye olde Boganville are akin to the most gripping television drama and should be adapted into a Netflix series IMMEDIATELY. 

Case in point: there's this show streaming on ABC Iview called Marriage starring Nicola Walker and Sean Bean. Spoiler alert: there is an intense seven-minute scene of Ms. Walker's character making a sandwich. Another, stacking the dishwasher. 

They should have just focused the cameras on Mickey Blue Eyes and I instead. I know for a fact it would be equally as riveting and avant-garde. I make sandwiches. I stack the dishwasher. Because - wait for it: I FINALLY GOT A DISHWASHER!

SEE? I told you extraordinary things were happening! 

Other fantazamagorical (totally a word) happenings:

I did something unheard of. I didn't finish reading a book. GASP. But life's too short for boring books, am I right? 

I let a little bit more of my weird out at work via a meme. I should have this on a t shirt, said I: 

I really should. 

I forgot how to spell a word! I would tell you which word, but I'd have to spell it. I guess I'm not using that word anymore. Good. Who needs you, dumbass word! In the bin, word I can't spell. You're completely UNECCESSARY. Or is it unnessacary? Two n's or one? Whatever. Binned. 

Mickey Blue Eyes and I had the opportunity for a brief interlude in Mollymook last month. My friend J (and her other friends) were celebrating 50th birthdays, and we were invited to tag along! They had booked in to go to Bannisters by the sea, which is a fancy pants restaurant connected to celebrity chef Rick Stein. However, Mick, myself and our other friends K and M decided to accept the fact that we are mere peasants with more plebian tastes. 

A courtesy bus to the local bowlo was booked. And look I'm sure Bannisters is lovely and all, but you don't get that kind of service and elegance, do you?

K fancied a cocktail, but upon arrival we deduced that it was not the sort of establishment that would serve cocktails. They did have a meat raffle in full swing however, so NER. We feasted on our basic schnitzels, steak sandwich and spaghetti Bolognese with glee and zero regret. Ambiance was provided by the raucous shouting in relation to the meat raffle. Pure class. 

Following this, we conversed with the locals while waiting for the return courtesy bus back to the caravan park. Alas, we discovered there is no such thing as shop til you drop in this neck of the woods. K and I had contemplated hitting the shops on Saturday while the others headed off to some sort of beer festival. Because beer is gross. Yuck. 

Saturday arrived. The caravan park had a wood fire pizza oven. Due to J's meticulous planning, we were fortunate enough to indulge in wood fired pizza for lunch. Afterwards most of the group headed off to the beer festival. K and I settled in for a cuppa instead. K, being the bloody legend she is, had brought a box of Cadbury Favourites. If I have to choose between beer or chocolate, no contest. Basic bitch 4EVA! Don't even care. 

As well as being a right basic bitch I'm also excellent company, and it wasn't long before I was snoring on the couch in K's cabin. Nice. Suddenly a storm shattered the peace, and I woke up disoriented. We watched a veritable river rushing past the cabin from the sliding door. The storm passed as quickly as it arrived, and we set off for a meal at The Milton Hotel. Mickey Blue Eyes and I tried unsuccessfully to hide our gauche ways at the sight of the somewhat eye watering prices (to us). 

Luckily, sharing meals was encouraged so we ordered the Wagyu steak. 

Waiter: Would you like any veggies?

Us: Yes, please.

Waiter: What are you after?

Mickey Blue Eyes: Um, a bit of everything. 

Cue me realising each vegetable is a separate dish at almost 20 bucks a pop. Yikes. We hastily backtracked and settled on a cabbage dish. 

Then the order was somehow mucked up and they gave us a free cauliflower dish as well. It all turned out to be extremely delicious, and J's friend also provided a delectable cakie to round out the meal. 

On Sunday we got up in the middle of the night to drive home because Mr 14 had a soccer thing on. We were weary but happy after a fun weekend.

Since it's been so long between posts you may or may not know we have an addition to the family! Another doggo!

Meet Ella: 

She was a skinny girl when she arrived but not now! 
See below 

Chandler is not entirely thrilled with the addition, poor dude

The funniest, cutest, goofiest, (and greediest!) little bundle of mischief. She popped up in my Facebook feed one day as available for adoption. This was in the midst of all the torrential rain. I was at work, so I frantically called Mickey Blue Eyes and said go get her. He did! I decided to keep her. And Mickey Blue Eyes too. Tee hee. 

What else is happening? 

My casual work at the library came to a grinding halt as a result of all my sick leave.  However, I am still working permanent part time for a library supplier and enjoying it. I much prefer working part time and behind the scenes. I'm definitely a behind the scenes kinda girl. Behind the scenes of behind the scenes even, if that makes sense. Yeah nah, nothing about me or my blog writing makes sense... Moving on. 

What can I say about the boys? Not much, because they hate when I do that! I will say that I now have a 21-year-old, an 18-year-old and a 14-year-old. Wait...WHAT??? Again, where does the time go??? Yeah yeah, it keeps moving forward and waits for no one cause that's how time works. I get it. God damn logic. Pffft. 

Confirming the fact that time waits for no one: we celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary a week or so ago! Just- WOW. That's a bloody long time! Not as long as my parents though. They celebrated 56 years! A few days later, my dad turned 84! Forget the logic thing, someone please figure out how to stop time!  

In terms of my PPPD diagnonsense, I am thankfully much better apart from occasional blips, but I try not to let it get to me which is half of the battle. 

Sadly, an anticipated road trip to Wagga Wagga with my mum had to be indefinitely postponed due to all the floods and ridiculous weather about the place. I'm sure we will get there eventually! In the meantime, we went to the movies to see Mrs Harris Goes To Paris which was a lovely feel-good movie with pretty dresses. So that's a win.

Mickey Blue Eyes and I are planning a Christmas getaway which promises to be the kind of lavish, upscale affair you have come to expect from us. Shut up. 

Anyway, that's about it for now. I'm wishing everyone a happy Christmas and a merry new year. And if that's not possible (because why all the pressure to be happy and jolly when the silly season can be complicated and fraught for many), then remember it will pass. 

As Mickey Blue Eyes would say, take it easy and I'll catch up with you later!

Kind wishes and cakie things,


PS. All the formatting and everything here is completely weird, and I have NO IDEA how to fix it. Oops. Sorry! 

Tuesday, 9 November 2021

Random Photos and Other Things

Hey peeps, s'up? As you can see, I'm super cool and dope and up with the current lingo. Or something. Ahem. 

It's sharing of snaps time for #LifeThisWeek, but as you may be aware I am not a particularly snappy person. Especially when I have been a giddy old goat and not getting about much. Nevertheless I will share what meagre tidbits I can.

Sunday before last we went for an impromptu drive to Fernhill Estate. I sat in the car while Mickey Blue Eyes did the walking trail. It was a lovely day. 

This was my view from the car. 

I procured a stash of second hand books via my father in law. Winning!

I also have a lovely lot of library books. See below:

And because clearly I was in desperate need of something to read I ordered a couple more second hand books from a website called Browse Books.  Shut up.

Mr 17 found this photo in old wallet my dad gave him.

Passport photo circa 1981 My mum, brother and I

My brother and I circa 1993ish? 

I had my yearly mammogram last Friday. Fingers toes arms legs eyeballs crossed for the results. 

I am plodding on with my vestibular rehabilitation therapy as well as zoom appointments with my psychologist. Progress is being made in a painstaking fashion. Sigh. 

I need to work on exposure therapy so I can get out and about. Not to mention back to work! 

In the meantime I amuse myself in unusual ways. Like looking at daggy houses on real estate websites for no reason. The daggier the better. Like this one:

It's certainly eye catching, don't you think? 

On Thursday it's our wedding anniversary plus Chandler's birthday! Bring on more cake!

Well, that's it from me. I'll be over here keeping things lit and fully sic reading ALL THE BOOKS. 


Told you I had the lingo down. 

Until next time, 


Tuesday, 26 October 2021

A Diagnosis

Good afternoon, groovers and shakers. I hope you are well and enjoying post lockdown freedoms! I am battling on with my somewhat broken brain. See previous post. 

As most of you probably already know I had an appointment with a vestibular physical therapist a few weeks ago. I finally got a diagnonsense for this dizzy shite:

I have something called PPPD (Persistent Postural Perceptual Dizziness). 

Additionally I also have permanent and chronic PPPS (Persistent Phenomenonal Person Syndrome). 

Ok, I made the last one up. You got me. But the first one is a thing, and believe me if you didn't try to find a way to laugh in the midst of it you would not only cry but wail like a banshee. Even though I'm not entirely clear exactly what a banshee is? Apparently they wail though. Don't they?

I should probably fact check that or choose a different simile. Either thing requires too much effort for my addled brain. 

Back to the diagnosis. The good thing is, it's nothing sinister going on. The bad thing is, it's a long process to get better. Sigh.

So I'm in for the long haul with vestibular rehabilitation therapy.  Also, hi ho hi ho back to the shrink I go! Cognitive behavioural therapy is needed to address the emotional side of it. It's a complex condition that does include an anxiety component. Fun times. Said no one ever. 

At least lockdown is over! YAY!!!! It got to the point where I totally forgot about a zoom catch up because I really don't register what day it is anymore. Oops. 

Not that I am really up to doing much at this point. But I'll get there. I wish I knew where 'there' is. 

I had another appointment with the vestibular physiotherapist and I have the following exercises to do: 

1. Walk up and down in a straight line and swing my arms turn around and walk back again. 5 repeats 3 times a day.
2. Stand in the naughty corner, feet together and eyes closed for 30 seconds. 3 times a day. 
3. Take a pen or another object and hold it at arms length. Gaze at it and turn your head left and right like a pendulum keeping your gaze on the pen. Count 30 seconds. 3 times a day. 

I feel like I've been on the booze without the fun of the actual booze! Not fair. 

I have also started taking Zoloft again because it is  recommended to address the psychological effects of the the condition. I have a psychologist appointment tomorrow and ongoing vestibular rehabilitation therapy. 

On Sunday I did this:

Exposure therapy is a thing. A hard thing that I need to do. I'm doing it. Slowly. That's all I can do. 

The boys got their second jab so we are all fully vaxxed. Huzzah! Happy about that. 

Mr 17 and 12 went back to school this week. The latter had the jitters but hopefully he'll be ok. 

Chandler is his usual cute little self. We all left the house to visit my folks the other day and it must have been a shock to him. He's used to someone always being home!

It's a hard life 

Nothing much else to report. Back to battling on like the badass I am! 

Until next time,


Monday, 27 September 2021

The One Where I Whinge

Hello lovelies. I hope you're in much better spirits than I am. Strap yourself for a bit of whingey one today. Cue plaintive piano music. 

You see, I've been feeling quite craptaculer lately (totally a word), so I debated over boring anyone with my bullshit. But anyway, here I am. 

My issues with vertigo and dizziness have been a big fat bitch for the past few months. Made worse by the omnipresence of Agnes, aka anxiety. Which makes the dizziness worse and so on until it's this big cluster fuck of cluster fuckery where I don't know where one begins and the other ends. 

It's very dispiriting because I had been cruising along ok there for a while, working again, and now my confidence is rattled. Ultimately I used up all my sick leave. So I have negotiated some leave without pay while I see if I can get better. They have been pretty decent about it thus far though I imagine there's a limit to that. Sigh.

And of course there's the whole layer of "other people have it worse/it could be worse" guilt. Although I'm cognizant of the fact that just because someone else may be worse it doesn't negate my issues. All suffering is valid and to trivialize it won't help. 

We are all going through a really challenging time right now. I imagine that even super upbeat positive people who are generally blessed with robust physical and mental health are struggling at the moment. So it's no surprise that someone like me who is not like that would face a setback of sorts. 

I have an appointment to see a physical therapist who specializes in dizziness and balance disorders. I won't lie. I'm petrified because often the therapy involved means doing specific tests and exercises that trigger the dizziness. Not fun. Especially when you are already frightfully giddy and just want some relief.

While I feel like this I can't even take Chandler for a walk or do grocery shopping. Sniff. So I just mope about like a big wobbly lump of blah and exist with my spinning head. 

I might as well be an ancient invalid  pensioner named Enid. Or Doris. Or Ethel. Or insert any old lady name. 

Cue violins to accompany the piano. 

I also have a lot of neck pain. Hopefully they can help with that as well. I've also ordered one of those neck massager thingys. I hope it's not disappointing. 

I've been reading about something called PPPD (Persistent Postural Perceptual Dizziness)  In some ways it sounds like the closest thing to what I've experienced for years, in terms of there being a psychological aspect. I'm not sure. I know I shouldn't rely on Dr Google, but it's worth asking about. We shall see. 

My yearly mammogram and check in with my cancer surgeon is coming up. If all goes well I will reach the important five year mark,  and she will not want to see me again although I will continue to have yearly mammograms. Fingers toes arms legs eyeballs crossed for that. 

Presumably a lot of my underlying worry is re this important milestone. Hopefully I can get that out of the way with a positive outcome and begin to feel calmer and retrieve some equilibrium. That's my wish. 

Despite all this I've managed to have couple of zoom catch ups with friends with another one coming up in a week or so.  I'm still desperate to see my parents however. 

Well, I'm sure this has been an entertaining read. NOT. 

A big thanks if you made it this far. With any luck I'll have better news next time.

Until next time,


Monday, 13 September 2021

Taking Stock: September 2021 Edition

Hello again, dear creatures. It's time for one of those stock taking things. Let's sit down with a cuppa and get right into it. Here goes: 

Making: The most of it all. Sigh. 

Drinking:   Chamomile tea. Also; wine. Swings and roundabouts. 

Reading: Finished reading Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell and began If I Never Met You by Mhairi MacFarlane. My brain only wants cutesy pie stuff at the moment. 

Wanting: Equilibrium.

Looking:   Like I need a haircut. 

DecidingWhat to have for dinner everyday is a big enough decision right now. 

Wishing: That the Covid situation would improve. 

Enjoying:  Listening to music. 

Waiting: For restrictions and lockdown to ease just like everyone else.

Liking: Um. I dunno. I guess I like that I'm blogging again.

Wondering: What to have for dinner. See above.

Loving:  My current obsession is Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on Netflix. Best (and weirdest) show EVAHHH. Fight me.

Listening: To the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend soundtrack. See above.

Considering:  A nap. ZZZZ

Buying:  Groceries, scripts and hair dye. Exciting stuff if I don't say so myself. 

I've ordered this book as well so that's super exciting. Squeee. Again. Fight me. 

Watching:  Mr 12 and I just finished watching Never Have I Ever on Netflix. I've also been watching the final season of Rosehaven.  I'm so sad it's the final season. Wahhhh. 

Marveling: At the fact that I still hardcore love my family after being stuck in lockdown for so long.

Hoping: I can see my parents again soon. 

Needing A new brain would be nice.  Failing that, a solid mental health plan and a million dollars. 

Questioning: My sanity. See above. 

Smelling: My chamomile and lavendar body butter. I love it. 

Wearing: Whatever's comfortable. Who's gonna see me?

Noticing: That I'm better off not watching the news, as bad as that sounds.

Knowing Nothing. Zip. Nada. Zilch. Zero. I know absolutely nothing about anything ever. I don't have a normal brain and I understand NOTHING. 

Thinking My brain is mostly a loop of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend songs right now if I'm honest. And I like it that way, cause otherwise it short circuits into some really unhelpful stuff. Stoopid brain. Again; see above. 

Admiring: People who don't get rattled easily by challenges and squeamishness. Is that a word? I dunno. I mentioned that I know NOTHING. 

Getting: Well, I got vaccinated. So that's good.

Feeling: A bit on the wobbly and blah side if I'm honest.

EmbracingLockdown life. Well I don't really have any choice, so there's that. 

That was a rather lacklustre stock take, I must admit. I am definitely experiencing a bit of the blahs lately. I suspect a lot of folks are. Fingers crossed for better times ahead! That is all. 

Until next time,


Monday, 6 September 2021

The Stuff I Do For Self Care

Hello, dear readers. I hope you are well and staying safe wherever you are in this vast universe. Which could be anywhere. You never know, it's entirely possible that alien beings or other life forms are reading this. Anything is possible, right? Shut up. 

Well anyway, I am here to blather on about self care. And knock me down and blow me sideways into an alternative universe or something but it turns out that self care isn't eating crap tonnes of cakie things and hoping for the best. HMPH. Maybe that could be arranged to be a thing in the aforementioned alternative universe? Please, and thank you. 

In the meantime here are the tedious things I am attempting to put in place in no particular order. I say 'attempting to' because self care is always a stop and start thing with me. Sigh.

Here goes:


This sometimes takes place in the form of a walk outside but more often than not I put on a YouTube video and do it that way. The only problem with this method is that some of the instructors can be super perky and plain annoying. I don't mind Jessica Smith and Jenny Ford and if you have any other suggestions I'd love to hear them. I stick to the low impact 'walking' type stuff cause I am prone to vertigo and I have to stay safe. 

I also do specific exercises for my neck and Benign Positional Vertigo. These suck, but such is life. Sigh. 


I began taking a vitamin tonic called Fishers Phosphorine which I ordered here. My psychologist recommended it. It's early days so I don't know yet if it will have any effect. We shall see. I also take vitamin b complex, vitamin C and Blackmores Macu-vision as a preventative thing cause my mum has that thing where you have to have needles in your eyes and that freaks me out. Gulp. 

And most importantly, my double dose of Vitamin D: sitting in the sunshine with my cutie Channy Bear. 

Eating well

 Cue a snorty honking scoffing cynical laugh. Yes, this is still my most fraught area. I still eat way too many cakies but I do ingest some fruit and veg as well.

I've also reduced caffeine and am replacing some cups of regular tea with chamomile tea. Baby steps, as they say. Whoever 'they' are. 


Gotta make sure I get those zzz's. The chamomile tea helps. 


I'm making time for my hobbies, like this blog. I abandoned it for a while there, but it's a good little thing for me to have as a distraction, so here I am.

I'm also making time for things like reading and listening to music. Just to mix it up and keep it cutting edge I also indulge in crosswords, fill in's and colouring in. Shut up. They are all calming activities for me. The thing is, I need a low key life. Too much stimulation and excitement is not great for this introverted 'Aspie.'  Which segues into...

Alone time 

I really need to be all by my lonesome to recharge sometimes. Alone but not lonely, if you know what I mean. This is challenging at the moment with the five of us stuck here in lockdown but luckily Mickey Blue Eyes prefers being outdoors and I like being indoors so it works out to a degree. 

And by far the most important form of self care for me at the moment is...

Admitting I need help 

My old nemesis whom I named Agnes (aka anxiety) has been biting me in the butt again after a long period of stability and growth. I had to admit I need help again. I began a low dose medication again and have a plan for some sessions with my psychologist.

Luckily I have a great GP and psychologist, and I never give up.

Having said that, if any of those potential alien readers can confirm if they have discovered an easier way to achieve self care I'm all ears. 

And don't worry, I'm onto to those shrink appointments. Ahem. 

Until next time,


Monday, 30 August 2021

Sharing Snaps

Greetings, earthlings! 

Sharing is caring, so I'm here to share my snaps for Life This Week. Fair warning: most of them are my most excellent canine companion, the illustrious Uncanny Channy, aka Chandler. Sorry, not sorry! 

The way I see it, things are so grim right now why wouldn't you want to look at a cute doggo? Unless you're a psycopath not a dog person. In which case there's nothing for you to see here. Good bye. *Waves*


A car trip to Nurragingy Reserve

An uncomfortable pose, perched on the edge of the couch


The King in his throne 

Channy and I cuddling 

SO handsome

Face and paw snuggling onto my leg. Nawww...



Nurragingy Reserve

Bees in our wattle tree 


A whatever's in the fridge pasta concoction I made.
Tasted pretty good. 


Highlights of our trip to Sydney Zoo back in May. I think we got a few animals in there. Ahem. It now seems like an eternity ago and unthinkable that we had such freedom! 


And last but not least, I finally received my diploma! YAY! 

End of snaps. 

Until next time,